Gratitude Log I

Today, I’d like to thank my uncle for bringing me to work. It rained for a bit, but it did not affect the metro traffic. In fact, it was a really smooth 40-minute ride that I was able to take a 5 or 6 minute nap.

Today, I’d like to thank the office janitor for opening the air-con unit even if I arrived an hour early. Like I said, it rained for a bit. It was also a bit windy. But the summer heat ruled over, which is (for a lack of a better word) unbearable. Therefore the ventilation is quite comforting.

Today, I’d like to thank my friend Greta for giving some trinkets from her Japan trip. One of the things she gave is a small piece of Matcha-flavored Kit-Kat, a favorite of mine. “Matcha-rap.” (A pun of masarap [delicious in Filipino].)

And today, I’d like to thank all the deities and the universe for giving me another chance to live. Yes, I may have done something stupid to myself a few months ago. But now I would like at least try to live every single day, one step at a time, just like Chris Cornell of Soundgarden said.

October Flood

Almost a decade ago I remember
the worst flood my family and I ever experienced,
and something else…

Almost a decade ago I remember
waking up, and my mom said, “it’s flooding!”;
bringing everything upstairs including books;
setting up gas and electricity for cooking and radio;
a week of not being able to take a long bath;
a week of resisting our collective stench;
a week of wasting wet tissues and newspapers for shit;
a week of bulks of wet towels and sachets;

Almost a decade ago I also remember
being thankful for not only surviving the flood
but also being thankful for having good food;
for being able to spend more time with one another;
for being able to ride a car through the lowering flood
so we can book a place near my school for a 1 month;
for my parents sacrificing many for our sake;
for my parents showing their love through action

Almost a decade ago I remember
the worst flood my family and I have ever experienced,
and that blood is thicker than that flood.

Sunday Night Questions VI

It has been almost a month since the last time I hanged out at my favorite cafe Satchmi. I seriously missed their affogato and pesto with baked chicken, so being able to treat myself with it just warms my heart.

And it has been also a while since I had this segment called Sunday Night Questions, where I answer a set of 5 yes-or-no questions, explaining is optional. While I am chilling here, I might as well do this!  Continue reading Sunday Night Questions VI