LII: On Undertaker’s Birthday and Being Thankful To All


March 24 is the birthday of my favorite professional wrestler of all time Mark Calaway, most popularly known as The Undertaker.

I will save the lengthy to another post; I have written a tribute to him almost two years ago. Yes, he did returned for a few more matches (notably against John Cena at WrestleMania 34). And yes, for the past 2 years I have grown fond of more athletic wrestlers like Finn Balor, Kenny Omega and Aleister Black. But the bittersweet moment I felt at the end of WrestleMania 33 and my overall appreciation for The Deadman still stands. He is still my top favorite competitor on any era, and his legend will live on forever.

Thank you, Undertaker, for all you have done in the ring, and for being a huge part of my life. Happy birthday, Deadman.


Speaking of thanks, I would also like to take this time to thank everyone I met, known and befriended through the years either as The Deranged Writer or the man behind the masked persona.

I know I have been melancholic lately again, and it shows on my recent series of depressing poems here on The Dispatch. And I also know I have been a huge burden lately. But don’t worry. It will be over soon. Everything will be over soon.

I wish I can thank all of you one by one right now. But thank you. All of you. Ω

March 14, 2004

Thank you, little brother
for lighting the ember
the dead has remember
symbol of the Reaper

Ten thousand are with me
your father neglect thee
dark souls in total glee
the rising ministry

All the sticks on fire
Hear the deep of choir
Goosebumps getting higher
Your end will transpire

Thank you, little brother
for lighting the ember
my soul lives forever
the dark Undertaker

Inspired by The Undertaker‘s chilling entrance at WrestleMania XX, one of my favorite moments in pro wrestling.

Happy Pi Day, everyone. Ω


The Undertaker

All mortals beware
Judgment Day is here
Unearthly chill in the air
The Reaper is drawing near

Your neck will be choked
Endless suffering
There’s no time for fun and jokes
Beneath the smoke and lightning

The souls are spinning
He’ll declare you next
Victims of their own sinning
No prayer will end his vex

Celestial beings
Death bells and thunder
and all humans are kneeling
Here comes The Undertaker