The Deranged Writer

Name: [Redacted]
Alias: The Deranged Writer, Mr. Victor Reese, Mr. Reese
Birthday: December 5, 1990


The Deranged Writer is a 20-something old Filipino guy who works on digital materials and applications by day and fiction-infused realities by night. (Or maybe the whole day. It really depends on his mood.) He has been blogging under the nom de plume since 2008.

His choice of clothing are the following: plain white shirt, a buttoned-up shirt, dark jeans, dark slacks, and leather boots. If the weather permits, he wears a college jacket or his leather jacket with pins of his interests including Batman and the Foo Fighters. And yes, sometimes he does wear a luchador mask made by Romero Mask Shop.

More info coming soon.