Notes to Self IV

Hello! This is The Deranged Writer, and welcome to the 4th edition of Notes to Self, a blogging series where I remember a relevant quote from any form of media or someone I know in real life.

In the previous edition of Notes to Self, I quoted my favorite Doctor from the longest-running sci-fi TV show Doctor Who, The Eleventh Doctor. And in this edition, I’m quoting him once again.

Spoiler warning if you have not seen the Doctor Who Christmas special “The Time of The Doctor”.

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30-Minute Warning VI

So, what can I share here today under 30 minutes?

As I type this, it’s 20 minutes before the world premiere of the live-action series Voltes V: Legacy. I already saw the theatrical release a few weeks ago with Younger Brother and our cousins, and I like what I have seen so far. I’m excited to watch the series using the living room’s enormous Samsung smart TV.

Voltes V: Legacy premieres tonight, May 8, at 8pm (Philippine time) on GMA 7.

As of what happened at work today, I only have 1 simple but crucial task: review a part of a contract. I admit that I got a bit anxious because I have never reviewed a contract in my life, but I drank my coffee, took a few breaths, and worked on it. I was able to finish the entire worksheet before the afternoon. And I rewarded myself with a large cup of cookies & cream frappe with pearls, and I also bought a large Oreo milk tea for Mother. Thanks, Infinitea!

(The header image was an old one. I took the photo last April 2.)

And now I bought something for myself already, I need to avoid spending more than PHP 500 this week. I will buy an affogato or an iced tea at Satchmi, but that’s it. If I’m planning to buy that Bullet Club jacket from Pro Wrestling Tees (among the few things I want to buy) before May 17, I need to be careful about spending too much.

I know, I know. Buying the Bullet Club jacket is already spending too much. I need to save more. But… but… the jacket looks so badass. I really want it. Forgive me.

And time’s up.