Of Nightmares and Ignorance

The line you have drawn
It applies from day ’til dawn
This uncertainty
and ignorance, I hate thee

All that’s in my dreams
recently is my whole team
and oh, you were there
but respond, you wouldn’t dare

I hate this nightmare
It makes me gasp for clean air
Oh, I hate this ignorance
Save me from this deadly trance

For the love of God
Please break my glass case with prod
Oh, please, let’s converse
Please just break this goddamned curse  Ω

A Crisis of Hell & Water

Some people believe that
The Devil plotted this Hell on Earth
the summer’s preparing us
for what is about to happen

Some people believe that
The Devil gave water so much worth
and people started to cuss
the lack of a drop, they’re tapping


Some people believe that
the authority has given birth
the current crisis, thus
more buckets humans are kickin’  Ω