30-Minute Warning I

What can I say in this post in under 30 minutes?

Well, this is the 4th straight Minute Warning post and the 1st 30-Minute Warning post here on The Dispatch. That’s great because I have been blogging frequently as I promised. I’m planning to mix it up a bit though. I’m planning to publish more short poems soon and a birthday letter to The Undertaker this Friday, March 24. (Would you look at that… The Deadman has a birthday!) I hope you, my dear reader, can check that out this weekend.

Last night, I saw my younger brothers’ band perform in a bar in Marikina. They performed 2 original songs, and they killed it! The 1st song was released last June 2022, and they are recording the 2nd song recently. I’m pretty excited about the upcoming song because it will be the band’s 1st Filipino single and the lyrics are about resting after being so tired. (That’s a topic I can relate to.)

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Watch I: The Undertaker’s WrestleMania XX Entrance

The mathematical constant pi (π or 3.14) has been a favorite of mine because it is attached to some of my favorite things and moments ever. And in celebration of today, Pi Day, I would like to share my favorite pro wrestling entrance ever that happened on March 14, 2004, The Undertaker’s WrestleMania XX entrance.

But before I share the entrance proper, let me take you back to Survivor Series 2003. The Undertaker was kicking Mr. McMahon’s ass in their Buried Alive match, and then McMahon surprisingly got help from Taker’s half-brother Kane. And because of Kane’s interference and a front loader, McMahon was able to bury the larger, more fearsome Taker. That was the last time we saw Taker as The American Badass.

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Listen I: Foo Fighters’ “The Pretender”

I started being a casual Foo Fighters fan in 2002 when I saw their music video for “All My Life”. It is one of the 1st rock anthems I literally banged my head to. Since then, they are on my top 20 bands, and I enjoy their classics like “Everlong” and “Best of You”. But, like I said, I was a casual fan; I know the hits, but I don’t know their full albums and deep cuts, and I was not paying attention to their release dates.

But that all changed in 2008 when my friend, Chris Otes, introduced me to “The Pretender” while we are on an MRT ride home.

“The Pretender” is the 1st track single from the 6th Foo Fighters studio album Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace. The song (and album) were released in 2007, and it was nominated for Best Rock Song and Record of the Year in the 2008 Grammy Awards.

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