10-Minute Warning I

So, what can I say (or type) in 10 minutes?

Well, today is Monday. I’m typing away while listening to Paramore’s “Still Into You”. It’s my current LSS and, in my opinion, one of the best Paramore songs. And yes, the song reminds me of someone I was close with. I miss her.

Today, I dreaded waking up early. I set my alarm for 8 am, but I woke up 11 minutes later. I want to go back to bed and sleep, but I can’t. I have a job to do. I need to drink some strong coffee and walk around the office – which is also our house.

I have been working for my family’s company for almost a month. And I’m thankful for my current job. It’s clerical work; it’s not the job I wanted. But at least I’m earning money now and my writing, time management, and file management skills are being developed. And since I’m working from home, I don’t have to spend money on food. I like to stay in this job for another month or 2. Or 3. (It depends on when I finally get an ideal, stable web/graphic design job – a job I have been looking for for a few years and counting.)

What else? Crap. I’m not even sure if I’m writing properly. But then I’m writing under time pressure. I need to take a chill pill.

And wait a minute. Just checked my Instagram. Undertaker and Dave Grohl have Super Bowl commercials?! I must check them in a bit.

And time’s up.


Image header: Mike of Pexels.

Published by

The Deranged Writer

Yes, he wears a mask sometimes. And according to most people, he looks like Bruno Mars when he is unmasked. He is a web/graphic designer by day and a hobby writer by night. (Or during his free time. It depends.) He is a huge fan of Dave Grohl and The Undertaker. He is a friendly introvert.

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