10-Minute Warning XVII

OK. What can I type here in under 10 minutes?

This morning, I feel sleepier than usual. Mother noticed that, so in order to be awake, she told me to start working on this month’s billings. I also took a long, cold bath and 1 cup of extra strong coffee to power through the day. I’m done with the 1st part of the billings, so I took an afternoon nap after.

What else? I checked the photos I took from my younger brothers’ gig last Friday. I’m so disappointed that most of their photos – taken by my smartphone – are not clear. I’m also disappointed that I did not check the photos sooner. Damn it. I will take better photos and videos with my smartphone and DSLR next time.

Tonight I will jog again and Younger Brother will do his calisthenics at Track 30th. But I think I should do more than just jog. Last year I followed this aerobics workout on YouTube, and it helped me burn a lot of fat. Maybe I should do both jogging and aerobics again.

And time’s up.


Header image: Mika Baumeister of Unsplash. Edited in Adobe Photoshop 2022.

III: About My Instagram

This morning, I tried to do something different for The Dispatch: finish a draft before working hours. But because I’m normally a night owl and I need caffeine to function properly in the morning, I stayed away from my blog for a bit, ate breakfast, drank coffee, and then do my usual clerical work. And I also joined Father on his survey in Laguna.

And while we were on the way to the job site, I scrolled through my blog. And then I found a great topic for today’s post, thanks to the 9 latest Instagram posts shown on my blog’s sidebar.

Well, then. Now I’m back from Laguna, let me tell you about my Instagram account/feed!

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