10-Minute Warning IV

So, what can I say in 10 minutes after reading the last 10-Minute Warning post?

Oh, God. After waking up at 12pm, I don’t feel so good. On a Saturday, I get to drink an average of 5 glasses of my favorite Jack and Coke. But last night, my stupid self went for 8. What the fuck am I thinking?

Anyway, I finally got to watch Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings while eating some chicken tinola. I don’t want this post to be a movie spoiler, so I simply have to say this: I love the action scenes and how the movie introduces a new part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The MCU is really good at worldbuilding.

After watching, I took a cold bath and changed clothes. I feel a bit better now, but I want to feel more than a bit better. So today I’m going to my favorite cafe and safe space – Satchmi. I cannot complete a week without going there, having my favorite affogato, and writing in my journal. I just hope I can find a seat right away because there are a lot of people hanging out there during weekends. (I’m happy that Satchmi’s business is doing great though.)

And time’s up.


Image header: Pixabay/Pexels. Edited in Adobe Photoshop 2022.

10-Minute Warning III

So, what should I type in 10 minutes while drinking 8 glasses of my favorite drink, Jack and Coke (Jack Daniel’s whiskey mixed with Coke regular or zero])?

Well, let me just say – I admit, it’s fun feeling drunk and relaxed after so many Jack and Cokes. I only got drunk for less than a handful in college, so please forgive me. Please let me live a little. And at least I got intoxicated while at home and didn’t spend 500 PHP for a cocktail and hanging out with strangers. Getting drunk at home saves money and my introverted self is happy.

Also, I think my therapist will be so disappointed simply because I got drunk. But come on, people. I’m only human. Let me say again – please let me live a little.

Anyway, what else can I say? It’s almost Sunday, it’s almost midnight and I want to get out right now. But maybe I should get out in the afternoon so I can spend less in a day. Maybe I should watch Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania tomorrow afternoon. Maybe not. We’ll see. But I will watch the movie tomorrow and then hang out at Satchmi or Starbucks Reserve.

And speaking of Ant-Man and movies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, I should watch Shang-Chi. I never got to see it on the big screen. In fact, I never got to see it at all, so tomorrow may be a perfect time to watch it. Good thing I have a subscription to Disney+.

Speaking of Disney+, it’s weird they have a license to the latest WWE programming. They have the recent Royal Rumble and Elimination Chamber, among others. At least I can watch those shows. But it sucks they don’t have the complete catalog of the WWE Network. I miss having the option to watch old episodes of Raw or SmackDown, or the likes of WrestleMania. I miss the WWE Network.

And time’s up.


Image header: Daniel Smyth of Pexels. Edited in Adobe Photoshop 2022.