Tiny Glimpses

In this whole wide darkness
I’m shedding tears with little progress
I bleed with huge burdens
My mind with uncertainty stirred in

In this whole wide darkness
I’m craving for the total catharsis
I desire to let go
all gods are watching and in the know

In this whole wide darkness
Untether from the pain regardless
Eyes closed, one heavy breath
The self about to court with Lady Death

In this whole wide darkness
oh, the edge of eternal stillness
then there’s a distraction
or rather a vibrant attraction

In this whole wide darkness
My eyesight is in total sharpness
All the stars, all light up
There they are, my beloved backup

In this whole wide darkness
A friend’s quote serve as my harness
“In this whole wide darkness,
focus on the tiniest glimpses.”

In this whole wide darkness
People, passions lead to happiness
Feed me your energy
so I can constraint this misery

In this whole wide darkness
Monsters who make me so breathless
All light and power aligned
Restraining orders I have signed

In this whole wide darkness
there is no more feeling hopeless
maybe temporary
but the next time I am ready

In this whole wide darkness
the world in its purest harshness
but the stars up my head
the blackest night I must not dread  Ω

5 Minute Warning I

Reading Time: 37 seconds

Today is the 26th anniversary of The Undertaker in WWE. It’s not even November 22 in the US. Nonetheless, the date is very significant to me. Sometimes I find comfort in the dark, which is weird. But Undertaker makes it not weird. He made it cool actually.

I’m pretty sure I can’t even expound how much I admire the myth that is The Undertaker within 5 minutes. But all I can say is that if it weren’t for him, being in the darkness may be too grueling to handle. And of course, he’s an amazing brawler in pro wrestling and the many legendary matches he was involved in are worth remembering for generations.

Oh, man. I should work on this piece further. This is not enough.