The Wall I

It’s the perfect time to build a wall
then share my frustrations and all
for at least it will be no surprise
that it will ignore all my cries

It’s the perfect time to build a wall
and wait for the Reaper to call
Pitch black is where I will get comfort
There’ll be no more wasted effort

It’s the perfect time to build a wall
and wait for my body to fall
Deprive me this never-ending sigh
The world will be better when I die

Nervous Notes I

In order for me to calm down, I need:
a pill that soothes my mind,
a certain number of supporting hands,
someone who can pick my brain for an hour,
and comforting, assuring words

but my support system is nothing
when I do not follow their advice,
when I suddenly teleport to an unknown place,
when I let my own worries eat my future

I do not want to gain more nicknames,
“Stubborn Sumbitch”
“The Test of Patience”
“The Bridge Burner”
or simply a lost cause

In a war inside my head,
reinforcements can only do so much
I want my sanity to come home
But it’s a war I have to win alone


Like a Tree

A friend with a different world view
left recently without notice
and no path pointing back
I have to admit:
Bonds crumbling abruptly eat me alive
but I have spent years moping with losses
while forgetting the 52 who stayed
Now I realize:
I would rather grow with those who remain like a tree
than waste waters on dead plants.

(Image Credit: Pixabay)