Gratitude Log I

2 weeks ago, I saw an Instagram post from musician, gamer, and cosplayer Ms. Ashley Gosiengfiao, and it got my attention because it’s about being thankful. Let me quote a part of the caption.

For 1 week, mentally (or even verbally) say thank you to the universe for every little thing. For every cup of coffee, for the roof over your head, for the gadget that you’re using to read this right now, for your nice skin today, for that momentary gust of wind on this hot day, for that pretty butterfly that just flew by, etc.

EVERY. LITTLE. THING. That you receive or that you just happen to find beautiful.

You can check out Ms. Ashley’s full Instagram post below or by clicking here.

After reading Ms. Ashley’s post, I thought, “Hey. Mentally or verbally saying thanks for things is a good idea. But how about I write the things I’m thankful for?”

And now, here I am, starting a new blogging series on The Dispatch called Gratitude Log! In this series, I list at least 1 thing to be thankful for.

And what am I thankful for today? Well, I’m thankful for one thing. Or a band rather…

I’m Thankful for Foo Fighters (Again)

I’m thankful for the upcoming Foo Fighters album But Here We Are (out June 2, 2023) and the new singles “Rescued” (released last April 19), “Under You” (released last May 17), and “Show Me How” (released yesterday, May 25).

I have been feeling down a lot recently. And yes, I have a great support system and a lot of things/hobbies that I can turn to (let me call them “countermeasures”). But sometimes the sadness/depression is so bad that it sucks a lot of energy from me and it’s not easy for me to even reach out to family and friends or do my countermeasures.

But because there will be a new Foos record But Here We Are, I was shown the light (how fitting because the album design is all white/grey minimalist) and I said to myself, “Hold on, man. You need to keep living to hear the whole thing.” And because of the already-released singles, I have been enjoying them on my Spotify Premium nonstop. Thank you, my favorite band of all time, Foo Fighters, for always cheering me up whenever I feel down. Thank you.

Check out the new Foo Fighters singles’ lyric videos below! First, “Rescued”.

The new Foo Fighters song “Rescued” from the upcoming album But Here We Are.

Second, “Under You”.

The new Foo Fighters song “Under You” from the upcoming album But Here We Are.

And last but not least, “Show Me How”.

The new Foo Fighters song “Show Me How” from the upcoming album But Here We Are.

The new Foo Fighters album But Here We Are will be out on music stores and audio streaming platforms on June 2, 2023. Pre-save or pre-order here.

And that concludes the 1st edition of Gratitude Log (that also turned into a plug for the new Foos album). Until the next post!

Mark my f’n words,

The Deranged Writer


Header image: Gratisography of Pexels. Edited in Adobe Photoshop 2022.

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