March 14, 2004

Thank you, little brother
for lighting the ember
the dead has remember
symbol of the Reaper

Ten thousand are with me
your father neglect thee
dark souls in total glee
the rising ministry

All the sticks on fire
Hear the deep of choir
Goosebumps getting higher
Your end will transpire

Thank you, little brother
for lighting the ember
my soul lives forever
the dark Undertaker

Inspired by The Undertaker‘s chilling entrance at WrestleMania XX, one of my favorite moments in pro wrestling.

Happy Pi Day, everyone.


Sunday Night Questions VI

It has been almost a month since the last time I hanged out at my favorite cafe Satchmi. I seriously missed their affogato and pesto with baked chicken, so being able to treat myself with it just warms my heart.

And it has been also a while since I had this segment called Sunday Night Questions, where I answer a set of 5 yes-or-no questions, explaining is optional. While I am chilling here, I might as well do this!  Continue reading Sunday Night Questions VI

Notes to Self VII

“There is no shame in fighting and getting your ass kicked. There is shame in not fighting at all.”

— The Undertaker, WWE Raw before the Invasion PPV, 2001

In the “Notes to Self” series, I write down words my mind and heart should fully remember.

The Undertaker is my favorite professional wrestler of all time. In fact, I wrote a tribute to him here. And today’s entry for Notes to Self has been on my mind way before I became The Deranged Writer, and way before I was introduced to the Internet.

Speaking of The Undertaker, have you heard he has an Instagram already? Like I said a while ago, he’s my favorite wrestler. But what the hell?