Sick and Tired

I’m so sick and tired
of the demons playing
the sadness hardwired
anxiety baying

I’m so sick and tired
of the dark side preying
the cold black I esquire
and senses still rotting?

I’m so sick and tired
of all of my straying
the people I admire
they know I’m draining

I’m so sick and tired
of the demons playing
maybe I should expire
I don’t see me winning Ω

March 14, 2004

Thank you, little brother
for lighting the ember
the dead has remember
symbol of the Reaper

Ten thousand are with me
your father neglect thee
dark souls in total glee
the rising ministry

All the sticks on fire
Hear the deep of choir
Goosebumps getting higher
Your end will transpire

Thank you, little brother
for lighting the ember
my soul lives forever
the dark Undertaker

Inspired by The Undertaker‘s chilling entrance at WrestleMania XX, one of my favorite moments in pro wrestling.

Happy Pi Day, everyone. Ω


XLV: New Year’s Day 2019

Just like the previous New Year’s Days, my whole family and I welcomed 2019 by happily jumping while shaking our pockets full of coins. Filipino-Chinese tradition suggests doing so for good luck and fortune. And even if we do not have the tiniest drop of Chinese blood running through our veins, we took our chances. We have been through a lot of ups and downs in 2018, so we were really excited for a new clean slate, and a more fruitful, positive year ahead.

Unlike the previous New Year’s Days, the “no fireworks” policy was actually enforced. The unbelievable amount of exploding piccolo, watusi, and Judas belts were the norm, and they lasted for a minimum of 15 minute to a ridiculous maximum of 30 minutes. Now there are actual police forces in our streets, and the go-signaled fireworks only lasted from 3 minutes tops. A friend I talked to on Messenger later that day called that “an equivalent of a quickie”. It was for the best though, especially for my beloved dogs Noodle and Cacai and my baby Vienna—rather, Queen Vienna the Cat. Continue reading XLV: New Year’s Day 2019