30-Minute Warning I

What can I say in this post in under 30 minutes?

Well, this is the 4th straight Minute Warning post and the 1st 30-Minute Warning post here on The Dispatch. That’s great because I have been blogging frequently as I promised. I’m planning to mix it up a bit though. I’m planning to publish more short poems soon and a birthday letter to The Undertaker this Friday, March 24. (Would you look at that… The Deadman has a birthday!) I hope you, my dear reader, can check that out this weekend.

Last night, I saw my younger brothers’ band perform in a bar in Marikina. They performed 2 original songs, and they killed it! The 1st song was released last June 2022, and they are recording the 2nd song recently. I’m pretty excited about the upcoming song because it will be the band’s 1st Filipino single and the lyrics are about resting after being so tired. (That’s a topic I can relate to.)

Speaking of tired, after the gig, my younger brothers, bandmates and I went to Cavite at 2am. We dropped by a convenience store for a quick bite and drink, we brought the bandmates to their home, and we went home by 3am. I know. We went home late on a work day and we need proper rest so we can have the energy to work. But the good news is that we don’t have any tasks today, so we spent the day resting. Hell yes!

But let me share something: Last Saturday my younger brothers’ band performed at the same venue in Marikina, but I was not able to see them. Why? I was so pissed about a botched sticker job that I was beating myself about it for 2 hours, and then I decided to look for another shop that can cut the stickers properly. And I feel it’s all my fault because I didn’t wait for the weekdays to have the stickers printed at 2 of the printing shops that I trust. (They are closed during weekends). I felt so stupid.

And then last Sunday, I offered Younger Brother a Tiger Sugar milk tea because I felt so bad about the botched sticker job. Then he told me not to beat myself up about it and he handled the cutting himself. Thank you, Younger Brother, for calming me down. And I still bought some milk tea for him and myself.

Oh! Do you remember that Younger Brother and I went to Track 30th last Monday to exercise, and we tried to tag Mother along? She joined after all, and we were able to bring a cousin as well. That is awesome! The more, the merrier. I hope they join us again in the coming days for more exercise.

Now I end this post and end today with dinner and jogging.

And time’s up.


Header image: Stas Knop of Pexels. Edited in Adobe Photoshop 2022.

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