30-Minute Warning I

What can I say in this post in under 30 minutes?

Well, this is the 4th straight Minute Warning post and the 1st 30-Minute Warning post here on The Dispatch. That’s great because I have been blogging frequently as I promised. I’m planning to mix it up a bit though. I’m planning to publish more short poems soon and a birthday letter to The Undertaker this Friday, March 24. (Would you look at that… The Deadman has a birthday!) I hope you, my dear reader, can check that out this weekend.

Last night, I saw my younger brothers’ band perform in a bar in Marikina. They performed 2 original songs, and they killed it! The 1st song was released last June 2022, and they are recording the 2nd song recently. I’m pretty excited about the upcoming song because it will be the band’s 1st Filipino single and the lyrics are about resting after being so tired. (That’s a topic I can relate to.)

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I: One More Start

So, here I am again, resetting my blog The Dispatch. I lost count of how many times I reset my blog for my mental health, published a few posts, and then lost my way. Why do I keep on failing to update my blog frequently?

After reflecting, here are my reasons:

  1. I have too many grand plans for the blog but lack execution.
  2. I can’t even make time for blogging, but I can make time for everything else. (I do write on my Moleskine planner/journal more often. Sorry, Dispatch.)
  3. I’m scared that I will make a mistake in my posts.
  4. I try too much to write lengthy posts.

So, now that I’m resetting my blog, what should I do this time? This time:

  1. I will have simple, more achievable plans for the blog and truly execute those plans.
  2. I will dedicate at least 1 hour to blogging daily on my laptop or phone. But I will only publish posts on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.
  3. I will rely on apps like Grammarly to avoid typos. But if I still miss out on mistakes, those mistakes will serve as lessons for me. And besides, it’s my blog, my mistakes.
  4. I will take it easy and write short yet more personal posts. And when I can truly write a lengthy post, I will do it.

Now that I know how to do better, here’s to one more start – a better start.

Hi. I’m The Deranged Writer and welcome to The Dispatch.


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