Watch I: The Undertaker’s WrestleMania XX Entrance

The mathematical constant pi (π or 3.14) has been a favorite of mine because it is attached to some of my favorite things and moments ever. And in celebration of today, Pi Day, I would like to share my favorite pro wrestling entrance ever that happened on March 14, 2004, The Undertaker’s WrestleMania XX entrance.

But before I share the entrance proper, let me take you back to Survivor Series 2003. The Undertaker was kicking Mr. McMahon’s ass in their Buried Alive match, and then McMahon surprisingly got help from Taker’s half-brother Kane. And because of Kane’s interference and a front loader, McMahon was able to bury the larger, more fearsome Taker. That was the last time we saw Taker as The American Badass.

On the SmackDown! episode after Survivor Series, Kane gave a eulogy to his half-brother. He explained that Taker is no longer his brother and that he betrayed himself, becoming “one of you”. He then mocked Taker by saying his signature catchphrase “rest in peace.”

Fast forward to 2004, when Kane participated in the Royal Rumble match. He was doing well in the match, and entrant no. 13 is up next. After 10 seconds, the lights went off and The Undertaker’s signature gong echoed through the arena. A distracted Kane was then eliminated by Booker T.

In the next few weeks, Kane is haunted by The Undertaker’s mind games – from creepy flickering videos of graves, rats, and snakes, flaming Taker’s cross symbols, lightning striking a ring post, rain pouring on the ramp, and Kane’s failed ring pyro. In the final Raw before WrestleMania XX, Kane was greeted with a dirty casket with an urn inside of it. Kane then went ballistic, throwing the casket out of the ring, and proclaimed he is not afraid of him. And then the ring lifted and shook on its own while Kane is standing, and the entrance ramp showed Taker’s final warning: “This Sunday (March 14), it all begins again. Rest in peace.”

And now we go to March 14, 2004. WrestleMania XX. Kane made his way to the ring – the city landscape entrance stage burning and all. After Kane’s entrance, the lights went off and a familiar voice was heard. Paul Bearer’s spooky “Oh yes!” blared through the arena. The Undertaker’s manager is back, and he is not alone – cloaked druids walked while bearing torches. Then the signature gong was heard once again as thunder roared. Slowly the latest rendition of Taker’s theme song is heard around Madison Square Garden, and then a man in black walks off the entrance ramp. It’s the resurrected Phenom with a look that fused both his American Badass and Deadman personas – black hat and leather coat as his entrance attire while retaining the Big Evil ring attire and black MMA-style gloves.

Watch the amazing WrestleMania XX entrance of The Undertaker, my favorite pro wrestling entrance ever.

As The Undertaker walked through the torch-bearing druids, Paul Bearer nods in approval and pride while Kane freaks out because his brother is alive and well. And when Taker walked to the steel chairs, he rolled his eyes back and slowly raised his arms to light up the whole area, and the crowd roared. The Deadman has truly returned and that means trouble for Kane. And after almost 7 minutes and one Tombstone Piledriver, Taker won and elevated his then-perfect WrestleMania record to 12-0.

Looking back at the whole Return of the Deadman storyline and the 2nd WrestleMania bout between The Undertaker and Kane, I have to admit: the match was all right compared to their 1st. But the buildup was so good mostly because Taker was not physically present in all the weekly mind games against Kane. That excited the whole fan base for Taker’s return and they are all speculating what his look will be this time. And the look Taker had to start at WrestleMania XX is so phenomenal and is one of my favorite Taker eras.

And isn’t it perfect that The Undertaker’s career went full circle on March 14, Pi Day, a day that celebrates the mathematical constant that represents the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter? No, wait. It IS perfect. And that is one reason I love pi.


Header image: WWE. Edited in Adobe Photoshop 2022.

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