A Crisis of Hell & Water

Some people believe that
The Devil plotted this Hell on Earth
the summer’s preparing us
for what is about to happen

Some people believe that
The Devil gave water so much worth
and people started to cuss
the lack of a drop, they’re tapping


Some people believe that
the authority has given birth
the current crisis, thus
more buckets humans are kickin’Β Β Ξ©

Notes to Self XXIII

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Spoiler & Trigger Warning: Very crucial information about Person of Interest: Synecdoche (Season 5, Episode 11), and themes ofΒ depression, suicide. Please be advised.

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LIII: Something Stupid

Trigger warning: depression, anxiety, suicide. Please be advised.

Last Monday morning, everyone was either preparing for work or school or at their respective environments already. Meanwhile, I was wearing my work clothes… and was rushed to an emergency room because of something stupid.

Before I went in, I saw one old male being carried to the ICU. It was life or death; his wife and children were crying; the oxygen tank was on the ready. I hope he gets to live soon.

I, on the other hand, have no idea and don’t care what is going to happen to me. Continue reading LIII: Something Stupid