A Crisis of Hell & Water

Some people believe that
The Devil plotted this Hell on Earth
the summer’s preparing us
for what is about to happen

Some people believe that
The Devil gave water so much worth
and people started to cuss
the lack of a drop, they’re tapping


Some people believe that
the authority has given birth
the current crisis, thus
more buckets humans are kickin’  Ω

The Undertaker

All mortals beware
Judgment Day is here
Unearthly chill in the air
The Reaper is drawing near

Your neck will be choked
Endless suffering
There’s no time for fun and jokes
Beneath the smoke and lightning

The souls are spinning
He’ll declare you next
Victims of their own sinning
No prayer will end his vex

Celestial beings
Death bells and thunder
and all humans are kneeling
Here comes The Undertaker