5-Minute Warning III

Since December 22, I started sleeping late again. Like, senior college type of sleeping late. Writing and watching videos until I can see a piece of that morning sun from the window. That was poetic for a 5-minute warning. But it’s true. I’ve been sleeping late again.

But what the hell… I am on my Christmas vacation. I deserve to sleep late like this after all that unholy snowball of work stress. I deserve to mess up my body clock again while enjoying what I love doing in the process—writing (especially here). Sure, I’m exercising that under time pressure, but that adds spice to it. I like challenges especially when it has its rewards—improvement, a material that I want to have, or just plain cash. Who doesn’t want rewards?

And that’s about it. Beep beep beep.

IV: Day 5 to #27


I’ve been trying to get out of this writing funk I got stuck in post-birthday (no thanks to my anxiety). But now I’m out of it, thanks to this this lovely coffee place/vinyl shop called Satchmi. No, this is not a paid advertisement. And aside from the dinner treat last Monday (which I’m going to talk about in a bit), writing here this Saturday night is the best idea I’ve had all week.

If I were to have my own place, this place is one of my design pegs-brown and peach brick wall, natural wood, lots of records and lots of coffee. (Perhaps I would want my own cafe, too?) All the vinyl music bouncing through the warm, natural interior while sipping their coffee get me in the zone to write. And with that, I thank Satchmi for getting me out of the funk.

And funk you, writer’s block.

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III: Before Turning 26


I’ve been on a blogging roll since last month, and I couldn’t be happier with the way things are going on The Dispatch. I started writing again on the blog, tackled a bit more on pro wrestling, and came up with a new segment in Questions & Exclamations.

Since I started talking more rasslin’, I thought maybe I could write more Qs&Es this week by watching more WWE after going home from work. I spent almost 3 hours for Raw, 2 for SmackDown, 1 for NXT and 1 for the new cruiserweights-exclusive 205 Live. I enjoyed the shows this week (although I am a bit sad about the lack of Shinsuke Nakamura on the NXT episode), and I was able to jot down each episode’s important points. I said, “Oh, this is going to be great!” 

And then I logged on to my WordPress dashboard, started transfering my notes, started expounding on those notes, and… and then… I stopped. I just stopped. I just stopped.

After spending more than 3 hours of watching and reviewing this week’s WWE programming, I felt burned out. Really burned out. It’s like those sugar rush episodes wherein it all ends up with you crashing down—in my case, it’s my mind on full pro wrestling overload that suddenly went BSOD. Maybe this is my mind telling me to slow down and rethink my strategy on how I run things on The Dispatch.

And slow down, I must do. I should just talk about my birth month since it’s now… December! (Yey!)