30-Minute Warning VI

So, what can I share here today under 30 minutes?

As I type this, it’s 20 minutes before the world premiere of the live-action series Voltes V: Legacy. I already saw the theatrical release a few weeks ago with Younger Brother and our cousins, and I like what I have seen so far. I’m excited to watch the series using the living room’s enormous Samsung smart TV.

Voltes V: Legacy premieres tonight, May 8, at 8pm (Philippine time) on GMA 7.

As of what happened at work today, I only have 1 simple but crucial task: review a part of a contract. I admit that I got a bit anxious because I have never reviewed a contract in my life, but I drank my coffee, took a few breaths, and worked on it. I was able to finish the entire worksheet before the afternoon. And I rewarded myself with a large cup of cookies & cream frappe with pearls, and I also bought a large Oreo milk tea for Mother. Thanks, Infinitea!

(The header image was an old one. I took the photo last April 2.)

And now I bought something for myself already, I need to avoid spending more than PHP 500 this week. I will buy an affogato or an iced tea at Satchmi, but that’s it. If I’m planning to buy that Bullet Club jacket from Pro Wrestling Tees (among the few things I want to buy) before May 17, I need to be careful about spending too much.

I know, I know. Buying the Bullet Club jacket is already spending too much. I need to save more. But… but… the jacket looks so badass. I really want it. Forgive me.

And time’s up.


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