10-Minute Warning XV

So, what can I tell here in under 10 minutes?

I’m typing this on mobile while my younger brothers, their bandmates and I are on the way to Cavite. This is the 1st time I’m blogging while on a moving vehicle, so I’m only focused on writing. I can’t make a featured header image here as of now.

Tonight I saw my younger brothers and their bandmates perform (and killed it, as usual) at a bar in Menlo, Pasay. Last night, I also saw them perform at a bar just beside tonight’s venue. I love seeing my brothers’ band live while I gulp on a few beers and cocktails. I usually don’t go out at night, so I tend to enjoy the nightlife whenever I do go out.

And because I saw my brothers’ band tonight, I was not able to go to my favorite busker’s birthday gig. When I have to choose between my brothers and another favorite solo act or band, I choose my brothers every time. And there was also a dress code for the gig (which is a school outfit; student, admin, whatever) but I don’t want to ruin Flannel Friday. (That’s a weekly habit of mine when I wear flannel every Friday, no matter what the weather is.)

And oh! I have been drinking alcohol more than usual yesterday and tonight. I think that’s all right because I rarely drinking too much booze. I drank this cocktail with Red Bull, Sprite and gin, this cocktail that tastes like peach, and San Mig Light.

And time’s up.


Header image: StockSnap of Pixabay. Edited in Adobe Photoshop 2022.

Added the header image on April 24, 2023.

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