30-Minute Warning II

So, what can I type here in under 30 minutes?

I have been in an adjustment period since January 16, 2023. I have been working in the family business for almost 3 months. And tomorrow morning, I’m taking a long break. I’m going to Cagayan Valley with Mother and Uncle Elvis, and the vacation lasts from April 1 to 6. Yes, it’s almost the entire Holy Week.

Actually, the long vacation is Mother’s idea. She has been planning her high school reunion with her friends since October 2022 (I think), and then she tagged me along. I have not said a firm “yes” to her right away. I only said “yes” 1 month after working in the family business. Weekend breaks are cool, but I think having a long vacation every once in a while is better for my physical and mental health.

As I said, I have been in an adjustment period. I have been so immersed in work, I have not replied to any of my friends’ messages except when it’s their birthday. I feel so bad for not replying to them. Tomorrow I will start reconnecting with them. I hope they forgive me for not replying right away.

Currently, I’m charging my Nikon D3200, Sony Handycam (yes, that good ol’ video recorder), and Samsung A52s 5G. I’m bringing all of those devices and trying on recording and document as many moments as possible. Maybe this is the start of my vlogging journey? We will see about that soon.

Anyway, my gadgets are almost ready. My clothes are ready. My toiletries are ready. We’re leaving tomorrow at 2am. And it will be a 20-hour ride. (I think.) We’re all praying for a safe journey.

And time’s up.


Header image: EvgeniT of Pixabay. Edited in Adobe Photoshop 2022.

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The Deranged Writer

Yes, he wears a mask sometimes. And according to most people, he looks like Bruno Mars when he is unmasked. He is a web/graphic designer by day and a hobby writer by night. (Or during his free time. It depends.) He is a huge fan of Dave Grohl and The Undertaker. He is a friendly introvert.

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