30-Minute Warning IV

OK. What can I type here in under 30 minutes even if I’m lazy as fuck?

Tonight is our last night here in Cagayan. My legs are sore and I have a bit of a cold, and that explains why I’m lazy to write. But I have been doing a good job blogging frequently since February 6, and I don’t want to ruin my streak. So, here I am.

Tomorrow at 6am, we will go back to Manila. A part of me is glad to return home; another part is dreading. There are a few things in the trip that I find disappointing, but overall I had a great time. I hope we can go back to Cagayan annually like we used to, and I hope we can bring more companions. As they say, “The more, the merrier.”

As for my legs being sore, I got the pain from a 300+ step journey to Cape Engaño Lighthouse in Palaui Island, Santa Ana, Cagayan. Good grief, I’m so sore. But I got several photos of the breathtaking 360-degree view of Dos Hermanas Island, so the pain is somehow worth it. Now I have more content for my Cagayan post, and I hope to finish everything next week. I will see.

As I said, tomorrow we will go back to Manila. Tomorrow is Maundy Thursday, so we will expect traffic and a few closed establishments. And there will be more closed shops on Good Friday. With that, I will take another break and reflect, and then I will get my favorite affogato at Satchmi on Black Saturday or Easter Sunday.

And time’s up.


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