II: The Deranged Writer’s Money Challenge (2023)

For the past few years, I tried to keep up with money challenges. I tried to save up to PHP 1,000 in the 1st week, PHP 2,000 in the 2nd week, and so on until I failed. I tried to save up to PHP 500 in the 1st payout, then PHP 1,000 in the 2nd payout, and PHP 1,500 in the 3rd payout, but I failed. I tried saving up 1s, 5s, 10s, and 20s over the past few years… and that is going well so far. But I lost track of how many coins I earned.

So, this 2023, instead of following other people’s money challenges, I decided to create my own. And it’s simple: in a month, I deposit a minimum of PHP 1,000 times the number of the month.

For example, I deposited PHP 1,000 in January, the 1st month of the year (1st month x PHP 1000). And then I deposited PHP 2,000 in February, the 2nd month of the year (2nd month x PHP 1000). And then in March, I’m required to deposit PHP 3,000 (3rd month x PHP 1,000), but I would like to go beyond that. So, instead of PHP 3,000, I will deposit PHP 4,000. And then so on and so on.

With a minimum amount to deposit, I can slowly save up money and also have enough money to spend on what I need. (Having more spending money does not mean I should easily splurge.) And as the year progresses, I will sell pre-loved items, do some freelance work, and find a more stable day job so I can save more and keep up with the challenge.

Here is my money challenge table for reference. If you want to join the challenge, please let me know in the comments section below or on my socials. (Here are my Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.)

Month x PHP 1,000Minimum Deposit
January (1st month x PHP 1,000)PHP 1,000
February (2nd month x PHP 1,000)PHP 2,000
March (3rd month x PHP 1,000)PHP 3,000
April (4th month x PHP 1,000)PHP 4,000
May (5th month x PHP 1,000)PHP 5,000
June (6th month x PHP 1,000)PHP 6,000
July (7th month x PHP 1,000)PHP 7,000
August (8th month x PHP 1,000)PHP 8,000
September (9th month x PHP 1,000)PHP 9,000
October (10th month x PHP 1,000)PHP 10,000
November (11th month x PHP 1,000)PHP 11,000
December (12th month x PHP 1,000)PHP 12,000
TotalPHP 78,000

Wish me luck and happy saving, everyone!


Image header: Angie Reyes of Pexels. Edited in Adobe Photoshop 2022.

Published by

The Deranged Writer

Yes, he wears a mask sometimes. And according to most people, he looks like Bruno Mars when he is unmasked. He is a web/graphic designer by day and a hobby writer by night. (Or during his free time. It depends.) He is a huge fan of Dave Grohl and The Undertaker. He is a friendly introvert.

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