Of Nightmares and Ignorance

The line you have drawn
It applies from day ’til dawn
This uncertainty
and ignorance, I hate thee

All that’s in my dreams
recently is my whole team
and oh, you were there
but respond, you wouldn’t dare

I hate this nightmare
It makes me gasp for clean air
Oh, I hate this ignorance
Save me from this deadly trance

For the love of God
Please break my glass case with prod
Oh, please, let’s converse
Please just break this goddamned curse  Ω

Breathe I

2 seconds to gather air
face crunched, in its weirdest
the worry, you should not care
with oxygen, fearless

5 seconds to release air
the mouth in its clearance
catalysts of your nightmares
collected this instance

2 seconds to gather air
nevermind judging stares
the worry, you must not care
all throbbing thoughts laid bare

5 seconds to release air
soothe the panic away
our hope will become the flare
we’ll make the world not grey  Ω

The Undertaker

All mortals beware
Judgment Day is here
Unearthly chill in the air
The Reaper is drawing near

Your neck will be choked
Endless suffering
There’s no time for fun and jokes
Beneath the smoke and lightning

The souls are spinning
He’ll declare you next
Victims of their own sinning
No prayer will end his vex

Celestial beings
Death bells and thunder
and all humans are kneeling
Here comes The Undertaker