The 13 Books Project

Have you ever made a Tumblr or an Instagram account, started a “Project 365”, have great progress in posting day by day for a few months, and then started posting less and less and less until you abandoned the whole thing?

No? Good for you. I am envious of your accomplishment. Aside from those 30-Day Music Challenges on both Tumblr and Twitter, I have never completed any month-long project, let alone a year-long project. Even if I pray to seven deities or gather all of the inspiration from the entire universe, I still end up being a lazy piece of work.

And here I am making my own year-long project that involves reading a number of books. Because why not! Why not create a new burden and stack it over the other burdens in my goddamn life?

Oh. Sorry. That got, um…

Anyway, seriously, I have been struggling into reading books more often ever since college—a time when I paid more attention to comic books over plain text, when Batman and Deadpool captured my imagination first and then Theodore Boone and Smaller and Smaller Circles. And I have taken upon myself on a project that will hopefully help me ease back into reading books regularly again. I call it the 13 Books Project.

The rules are simple:

For one whole year, I am going to read any book I can get my hands on—fantasy, crime, self-help, whatever book I want to read. I just have to make sure I finish 13 books by the end of the year.

With that main goal, I think 1 book per month would not hurt a busy, slow reader like me. I could modify the challenge along the way, but the goal is still the same: 13 books for one whole year.

I already started the challenge by dwelling on Neil Gaiman’s short short Fragile Things

You can join in the challenge, if you like! Just let me know if you in the comments section or on Twitter if you fancy that. (My handle is @DerangedWriter, of course.)

Good luck to me!

Sunday Night Questions I

Have you listened to the greatest prank call in all of mankind? If you haven’t, please do yourself a favor, click the play button on the video above and listen to the glorious audio clip. Please do it now. I will wait. I’m not kidding. I. Will. Wait.

Done? It’s so funny, right? And what really cracked me up is when he prankster asked “is champ there?”, the woman asked back “who is champ?” and a loud “that question will be answered this Sunday night!” was heard complete with John Cena’s theme song.

Weirdly enough, that is the inspiration for my new segment on The Dispatch, Sunday Night Questions! This is where I answer at least 5 questions about what happened during my week, discoveries and reviews on selective media, and anything in between, as long as it can be answered by a “Yes” or a “No”. I can elaborate on my answer, but it’s not really necessary.

Anyway, are you ready? No, I should be the one answering that.

Yes, I am ready. Let’s go! Continue reading Sunday Night Questions I

10-Minute Warning I

Good grief. I worked on more than 10 webpages today. Just 25. No big deal… NO. Shut up. It is a big deal. My brain got dumped by shitloads of sketching, layouting and tweaking images. 

So far, the worst website clients are the ones who are involved in real estate. There is nothing wrong with being meticulous; there is nothing wrong with having attention to detail. But pair that up with being fickle leads to utter chaos. The same “how about you change the homepage?” 15 goddamn times? Sickening as fuck. Make up your damned mind, man. 

I need a drink. Tea will do. I’m fucking tired.