Conversations: Younger Brother and The Deranged Writer I

Younger Brother: You’ve been pretty busy this weekend.

The Deranged Writer: Yep. I was.

Younger Brother: What were you working on?

The Deranged Writer: Nope.

Younger Brother: Come on. What were you working on?

The Deranged Writer: No. It’s classified.

Younger Brother:Β Design work? Writing work?

The Deranged Writer: No. I can’t tell. Sorry.

Younger Brother: No, wait. Are you making cam shows?

The Deranged Writer: NO!

Younger Brother:Β [redacted]! REDACTED] IS A PORN STAR!


5 Minute Warning I

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Today is the 26th anniversary of The Undertaker in WWE. It’s not even November 22 in the US. Nonetheless, the date is very significant to me. Sometimes I find comfort in the dark, which is weird. But Undertaker makes it not weird. He made it cool actually.

I’m pretty sure I can’t even expound how much I admire the myth that is The Undertaker within 5 minutes. But all I can say is that if it weren’t for him, being in the darkness may be too grueling to handle. And of course, he’s an amazing brawler in pro wrestling and the many legendary matches he was involved in are worth remembering for generations.

Oh, man. I should work on this piece further. This is not enough.

Notes to Self I

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“Why do we fall sir?
So that we can learn to pick ourselves up.”

– Alfred Pennyworth to Bruce Wayne (Batman Begins, 2005)

In the new β€œNotes to Self” series, I write down words my mind and heart should fully remember. And today I quote my favorite line from one of my favorite movies Batman Begins. (SPOILERS ahead if you have not seen the movie.)

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