5-Minute Warning I

Hello there. I’m The Deranged Writer, and welcome to the 1st episode of Minute Warnings, where I write everything that comes to mind under time pressure. In this episode, I wrote everything under 5 minutes.

And here we go…

So, what happened in my life today?

Today I sent my resume and portfolio to 2 companies. The 1st is located in Ortigas, my preferred job location. The other is located in Makati, the location of my 1st job. I have a lot of happy and sad memories in Makati, and as of late, those sad memories weigh heavier on my shoulders. I will tell you more about the significance of Makati in my life later. Anyway, I hope either the Makati company or the Ortigas company will hire me soon, though I would prefer the latter. But either way, I would like a work-from-home setup.

Moving on, I also checked that my favorite afternoon show Feelings will have a new timeslot: every Saturday, 9-11 pm, starting April 2, 2022, on One PH. I became a fan of Dr. Rica Cruz and Stanley Chi’s show last year, and I enjoy watching them talk about love, sex, and relationships while having lunch. Their show has the perfect balance of informative and funny, and that’s why the show deserves its new 2-hour timeslot. Nice one, Mr. Chi and Dr. Rica!

What else? Well, I had a Mushroomburger King for the 1st time. My Mother and Father brought a few from their Tagaytay trip yesterday, and I’m glad that they did. I enjoyed the mushroom burger as much as I would enjoy a good beefy burger. I would like another. (This is why I’m fat.) Thank you, my parents!

And my 5 minutes is done.


Header Image: Mike/Misha Rudenko of Pexels. Edited using VSCO, Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe Illustrator.

I: One More Round

March 4, 2022

Whenever I neglect a blog for several months to a year, I have 2 options:

  1. Continue blogging and don’t mind the gaps between posting dates, or…
  2. Reset the blog and have a clean slate.

And this afternoon I faced the same options after I renewed my blog hosting and the domain names associated with it.

I brought those 2 options to bed and took a nap. Then I teleported to dreamland, wearing my luchador mask, white shirt, leather jacket, dark jeans, and boots. I was transported to a room with a king-size bed and a desktop computer with dual screens and a powerful neon-lit CPU. Then I realized that the whole bedroom is almost my fantasy bedroom. I felt so good seeing the room designed according to what I desire, even if I was just dreaming.

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