The Dispatch

The Deranged Writer’s Dispatch (shortened The Dispatch) is the blog and main home of Filipino interactive designer, amateur artist and author The Deranged Writer. The blog was established on November 19, 2016, and it is his third main blog overall.

Before The Dispatch

The Deranged Writer made his first WordPress main blog on February 21, 2008, and he christened it “The [Deranged] Writer at work.” The brackets between the word “deranged” are just stylized.

The [Deranged] Writer at work. (Version 1)
There were no masks and black-and-white color scheme; he only had a pen name and a blog with a pre-made template. Back then he frequently talks in both English and Filipino, as he tackles his college experiences and blogging events. This was also the time where he can write lengthier posts due to his free time from academics.

Tumblr & The Word of The Deranged Writer

2009 was the year The Deranged Writer signed up for Tumblr and named it Deranged Shit Series. The mini-blog is basically a collection of brief posts ranging from short stories about his academic life, his taste for music, TV shows to his views in professional wrestling and anything that involves Batman.

Deranged Shit Series, his first Tumblr blog.

In this era, he started using black, grey and white as his color scheme. He also started using avatars traditionally (or sometimes digitally) drawn by a friend and artist Mr. Yoso. This is done in order to maintain his “pseudo-mystery” as he calls it (DW’s term of letting only a selected number of people know his secret while letting the others guess for themselves).

The Word of The Deranged Writer (Version 2)

Meanwhile, he simplified his pen name by deleting the brackets, and he changed the blog title into The Word of The Deranged Writer. This goes with his self-proclaimed “omnipotence as a writer” and a wordplay on religion. Sadly he is not as all-powerful as he thinks of himself as a writer. While his Tumblr gave him a chance to post quicker, more brief posts (whether it is just a quote, a short conversation or a video review), making longer and more frequent posts on The Word made it more difficult for him.

He did his very best to handle both blogs—setting up schedules and segments for both blogs, but to no avail. His changing of the Tumblr blog title to Shamanic Exude (an anagram of “deus ex machina” [god from the machine]) and his ascension to frequent Twitter user did not help either. In 2014, he abandoned his Tumblr all together.

The Dispatch and The Present

Before leaving his Tumblr, he actually changed its title to The Dispatch on Tumblr. Then he had a realization he should have gotten all along, “why not post both short and long posts in one home?” He decided to bring the idea to his main blog.

Unfortunately he was locked out of his own WordPress main blog in 2016. He had to request for its deletion out of risk for hackers before creating a new WordPress Premium account under the username “dwdispatch”. He christened the new account The Deranged Writer Dispatch, shortened as The Dispatch. He also bought the domain name “” in 2016, while he parked “” in 2019.

He has been using the Twenty Fifteen WordPress theme, and he has decided to stick with the said theme for a long time.

The Dispatch (Version 3.5)

He still struggles to find the balance between making quick and lengthier posts up to this day. But what keeps him motivated from keeping The Dispatch alive is are the following: (1) he bought a domain and a Premium plan in order to be more active and accountable for, (2) he basically likes of keeping and customizing his own website and journal, and (3) he knows there are so many realities yet to be told and fiction to twist and turn.