Welcome to the FAQs section, and the whole page’s purpose is pretty obvious. But it is certain that there will be more questions to be added here soon.

How did The Deranged Writer come up with his pseudonym?

The “deranged” part comes from the adjective frequently used at professional wrestler Mick Foley (he has three personas, Mankind, Cactus Jack and Dude Love). The “writer” part comes from, well, me being an amateur writer.

What are The Deranged Writer’s favorite writing topics?

It depends on what he feels like writing at the moment. When he was younger, he likes writing descriptive, long essays about his journey as a student or reviews about WWE programming.

Nowadays he is not able to do as many longer pieces as he wanted to due to his day job and his mental health issues hindering him. But he is really doing his best to fight his writer’s block by making smaller, or at times longer, poetic pieces. He can still go make lengthier prose when he makes time though.

Will The Deranged Writer ever reveal the face behind his mask?

There is a 95% chance that he will never take off the mask. This applies on The Dispatch, his social media channels, or any other forms of media (solo or collaborative). But he can say that the clues about his true identity are everywhere on the Web. Happy hunting. 😁