Sunday Night Questions I

Hello! I’m The Deranged Writer, and welcome to the new series here on The Dispatch, Sunday Night Questions. In this series, I will answer 5 “yes or no” questions about this week, and explaining my answers is allowed but not required.

Now, let’s start!

Have you done something productive this week?

Yes. Notably, I have updated my creative resume and portfolio.

Is there anything worth remembering in pro wrestling this week?

Yes. And that’s Chris Jericho, an All Elite Wrestling star, appearing soon on Stone Cold Steve Austin’s WWE Network show The Broken Skull Sessions. They broke the walls down indeed.

Have you felt anxious at least once this week?

No. Not even once. And that’s an achievement, I tell you! I hope this will last for several weeks.

Have you messaged at least 1 close friend this week?

Yes. I congratulated a high school friend who just passed the recent physician licensure exam. I’m so happy for my friend Dr. S.!

I also checked up on a few other friends, and they replied right away. Unfortunately I haven’t replied as fast as I should. Oops. Sorry about that, my friends.

Can you say that this week has been nice for you?

Yes. Hell yes.

And that’s it! That concludes the first edition of Sunday Night Questions. If you have any “yes or no” questions that I should answer, you can post them in the comments section below, fill up the form on the Content page, or send me an email at: You can also reach me through my social media accounts: Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

This is The Deranged Writer. End of story. Ω

Header Image: Sanaan Mazhar of Pexels. Edited on VSCO, Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe Illustrator.

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