Sunday Night Questions VIII

It has been 4 days since I went back home from the hospital. And I feel like I am in a long reboot mode. (Again.)

For almost 3 weeks, I got used to doing whatever I have done to heal, recharge, and kill the boredom while I am confined in a spacious nursing room—notably eating/drinking water and medicine/sleeping on time, jogging in place, and writing while standing. So I need to apply those habits and adjust once again to my home.

And how’s that going for me? Difficult. Very difficult. But I still need to adjust. I must.

Anyway, since I need to sleep on time, let me have some early Sunday Night Questions—where I answer 5 yes-or-no questions, and explaining my answer is not mandatory. (Though I have noticed that I explained almost all of them? Yep.)

Let’s get to it!

1. Are you feeling down lately?

Yes. In fact, I don’t think there is any day that I don’t feel down. But with therapy, medication, and my support system, I am doing my very best to balance my mood, among other things. I can honestly say though that my support system could have been better. I wonder why…

2. Are you not exercising lately?

No. I have been exercising slowly and surely. I am trying to walk, if not jogging in place, 8,000+ steps every day for starters. I also do beginners’ pushups. (The type where your legs are crossed; the pushup I can tolerate at the moment.)

3. Have you been seeing your therapist this week?

I say “yes” from Monday to Wednesday. I have not seen her ever since I got discharged. I will meet her again next Wednesday.

4. Is something bothering you this week?

Yes and no? It’s conflicting, really. I really need to talk to my doctor next week. And I know I’m cheating by choosing both answers. But it’s my blog. OK?

5. Have you been shopping again lately?

…yes. I bought three new Funko Pops (Lemmy Kilmister of Motörhead, Doctor Strange (Ghost Rider), and Freddie Mercury [Wembley 1986]). I also bought some third eye sunglasses (like Prince) and a backup set of wireless headphones.

I may need to stop splurging now, though I can manage my money as of late—enough to pay the bills.

And that concludes another set of Sunday Night Questions! I really hope I can write more and this coming Holy Week. I also hope the medicine adjustments will be over with on the same week. I just hope.  Ω

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