LIV: Another Block

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Whatever happened that lead to my confinement at the hospital for almost 2 weeks, there is a bright side to it: I was on a writing spree; my brain was continuously flowing all the prose and poetry, whether it’s long or short, and whether it’s about professional wrestling or something personal.

I have never been this active since 2009, and I have been riding the Internet as a pseudo-anonymous writer for 11 years. And I am glad I am still allowed to use a laptop and phone to communicate with my friends and family and, of course, blog the hell out.

And now that I am back at my home, the first thing I did was open the laptop and then my Q10 writing app. I wrote a few outlines about what happened at WrestleMania 35 and the Raw show after that, then took a water break, and went back in front of the screen. And that’s what I only did after that: staring at the screen, the cursor blinking, waiting for me to type the next word.

I did not type anything. I cannot type anything. In fact, I erased the whole piece. I am not contented with what I was typing. I tried another topic like how my mental health is affecting my work… but no. Nothing. There is only the empty slate with the cursor appearing and disappearing per second.

I’m having another writer’s block—my worse enemy who has been hindering me from making a perfect writing streak, the bane of my existence who keeps on convincing me to turn my old posts back into drafts.

And no, I’m having none of it. I can’t take this shit any longer.

I might as well create an entry showing what I’m doing at the moment other than trying to write a long post about wrestling or an episode of Lucifer; in short, a slumbook entry.


At The Moment….

Reading: George Orwell’s 1984

Listening: Velvet Revolver’s “Don’t Drop That Dime”, a secret song from their second album Libertad. It’s a lovely country song, I tell you.

Eating: New York Style pizza from Landers. (They taste way better than S&R’s, in my humble opinion.)

Thinking: Just this blog post, lava cakes, and having a haircut.

Planning: To go have another chocolate lava cake from Satchmi, and then have an haircut. (Because my hair is turning into 1990’s Nick Carter again).


I just realized it now: the Roman numeral of the post title is “LIV”, and the proper title is “Another Block”. I’m LIV-ing another block. (Heh.)

I should keep on writing with that in mind.  Ω

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