Sunday Night Questions VII

I‘m still stuck at the hospital because of something stupid that I did. And for the first time in two weeks, I don’t know what to write this Sunday night… instead of bringing back my old habit called Sunday Night Questions!

For those who have forgotten what the series is about, this is where I answer 5 yes-or-no questions, and there is no need to explain my answer (but it is allowed).

Now, let’s get started!

1. Have you been writing on your planner regularly?

Yes, a thousand times YES. In fact I can honestly say that 2019 has been my very productive year yet as a planner addict.

Not only does my planner have my past and future activities, it has a mood tracker and some diary notes that I’d like to keep to myself. If I were to let you amy planner, you’re special. 

2. Have you been shopping again?

Yes, hell to the yes. The good thing is that I don’t have to worry about splurging a bit; my company just paid me the allowances they were to supposed to give me between 2017 and 2018. It’s almost a briefcase load of money, I tell you.

But I did not shop that much though: I only bought a few Funko Pops (Spider-Man Noir and an invisible John Cena) and some third eye sunglasses (just like Prince’s but in black).

3. Are you ready for the upcoming elections this May?

To be blunt, fuck no. I still need to research on each candidate’s platforms. And no, song-and-dance numbers and parlor games are NOT platforms.

4. Have you thought of what you want for your birthday?

I think this was answered on the previous SNQ… and I got the present! It’s a luchador mask. I have been wearing it a lot ever since; it’s a part of my persona now. So, it’s a yes.

But if you are talking about this year’s present, it’s a YES, too. I know; December is still far away, but this one is pretty special to me. And I can’t divulge on it as of now because it is still being made. (winks) 

5. Have you made at least 3 posts this week?

Hell yes! In fact, I made 5 posts—a week’s worth of blogging! I’m so proud of myself because I have been through the roughest patch the past two weeks, and I was still able to do what I want to do, albeit slowly but surely.

I hope I can keep this up, and perhaps upload older posts to fill up the gaps.

And that concludes the return of Sunday Night Questions! Here’s to being resilient and feeling much better, and to making content worth posting and worth keeping.

Speaking of making content worth keeping, I’m not even sure when I will get discharged. So there’s a 95% chance that I will definitely miss the WrestleMania viewing party tomorrow morning (which sucks). But if that’s the case, I can just subscribe again to the WWE Network for US$9.99 (That’s 521 in Philippine pesos.) and just watch it in the hospital.

Happy WrestleMania weekend, everyone!  Ω

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