Bearded scribe’s downfall [1]
It’s a new day, yes it is [2]
New king’s paradise [3]



Topic/Disclaimer: This is my first attempt at writing a senryu4, and it briefly describes what I think will happen at WrestleMania 35’s WWE Championship match (one of the best veteran wrestlers in the world The New Daniel Bryan versus The New Day member and multiple-time WWE Tag Team Champion Kofi Kingston.) 

Senryu and Disclaimer: noun; like a haiku, a senryu is a 3-lined Japanese poem with a 5-7-5 syllable structure. And unlike haiku who focuses on moods, thoughts, and feelings, senryu focuses on humans, and  at times, irony. I apologize if I made any mistakes through out this piece.


1 – A reference to The New Daniel Bryan’s beard and recent militant environmentalist, anti-consumerism persona. An example of that is his replacing of the leather-belted WWE Championship for a more sustainable, eco-friendly title with hemp strap.

2 – A nod to the first line of The New Day’s theme song.

3 – The word “king” comes from, well, Kofi Kingston’s surname. The word “paradise” comes from one of his signature moves “Trouble in Paradise” (spinning roundhouse kick). And the whole line is my predication on the WrestleMania bout: the “new king” Kofi Kingston will become the WWE Champion. Ω

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