Sunday Night Questions VI

It has been almost a month since the last time I hanged out at my favorite cafe Satchmi. I seriously missed their affogato and pesto with baked chicken, so being able to treat myself with it just warms my heart.

And it has been also a while since I had this segment called Sunday Night Questions, where I answer a set of 5 yes-or-no questions, explaining is optional. While I am chilling here, I might as well do this! 

1. Is RAW or SmackDown! Live any good this week?

Overall, no. Though there are some good bits like RAW’s Shield/Dogs of War mind games with Dean Ambrose not having a title, Finn Bálor actually wrestling with Bayley by his side, and Becky Lynch simply being the badass that she is since she turned heel on Charlotte.

2. Have you learned something new this week?

No, not really anything new. I did went through fire by relearning Adobe InDesign while meeting a deadline. I really need to get used to InDesign, man.

3. The holidays are drawing near. Have you found any potential gifts for your loved ones?

Honestly, no. Not yet. But I should look for some this early, right? Thanks for the heads-up, lil’ question!

4. Have you thought of what you want for your birthday?

A birthday gift for me? This early? Well… yes! In fact, I actually have something made for me. I hope I can have it before Halloween, my favorite day of the year next to Christmas Day. (wink wink)

5. Have you met any goals this week?

Definitely yes. With the state of my mental health as of late, being able to blog 2 post this week is an achievement for me already.

And that concludes another edition of SNQ! I have lined up some several posts starting this October, so please do check this space more often. In the meantime, please follow me on Twitter and Instagram if you have not!

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