Work Writings XXIII: I Feel Really Old

After 2 years of being a senior employee (4 years overall), today is the very first day (and night) I feel old. Really old.

I have been working with a digital agency overseas the past few years, and they are quite a quirky bunch. I love how organized they are from their project guidelines down to the very submission of files. And thanks to the challenging projects they have given me, my web and graphic design skills sharpened further than I ever realized. Cocky as it may sound, I can even say I got used to being challenged.

But today I officially shifted those responsibilities to my subordinate—someone who has been getting good at her work in a span of a year, someone I am proud of. I am still going to talk to the same agency as a sort-of liaison, but I will definitely miss being hands-on.

Now that I let go of one responsibility, I gained another—two, in fact. The first task was pretty easy; I needed to just tweak an existing website template for a sports brand. The second one overwhelmed me though, for I need to find some designs pegs for a meeting tomorrow. Then I need be involved an actual photo shoot next week. Really overwhelming. But I will be fine. I guess.

Man, I feel really old.

In order not to be too stressed for tomorrow Friday (my favorite day), I stayed at the office to research said pegs. And then one of my newest co-workers Ms. K messaged on our work chatroom.

“Kuya (big brother), my phone got stolen.”

I immediately replied and asked Ms. K where she is and if she is hurt. She said she is safe. Thank goodness. She is understandably crying though. She also told me she is having a hard time breathing. Definitely a panic attack. I told her right away to lean on a wall and just focus on breathing slowly and deeply.

Poor co-worker. No one deserves to have their phone stolen, especially when her phone is given by her dad. Karma will bite that pickpocket’s ass.

After I drank my 5th glass of water today, I informed my bosses about what happened, and each one of them messaged her as well. Word quickly spread around, and everyone else in the office reached out as well. We are one big family, and that is beautiful.

As of typing this, Ms. K is crying, but is breathing well. With a few tech hacks, her phone is now locked, and data erased. I am not sure if she has already told her parents about what happened.

I feel really. I do not like the feeling. But when it comes to a teammate who is need and I am in a higher position, I cannot stand by the sidelines.


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