Sunday Night Questions V

My anxiety levels are as high as Mount Everest (again), special thanks to this almost-every-week of overtime that since since May. What can I do though? I have a job to do, and I do not want to disappoint the company. But I feel my brain and that same creeping anxiety attack are having their own baby anxiety attack. What the shit? I’m seriously considering the 2-month resignation notice if this does not stop.

In the meantime, one way to distract myself from this work anxiety is writing either on my journal or writing here on The Dispatch. Now let me distract myself with the return of Sunday Night Questions, where I answer a set of 5 yes-or-no questions, and I can but am not obligated explain the answers. I’d like to rant tonight, so expect a lot of it after the jump.

And here we go… 

1. Was your work week less stressful?

I quote Steve Harvey, “AW, HELL NO!” And looking at our workplace’s future timelines, I don’t think this will stop in the next 2 weeks. Jesus.

2. Is there at least one nice thing you are thankful about this week?

Yes. Even if I am stressed as hell this week, I am glad about two things: (1) my family making me feel they really are there for me (notably my mom buying me a burrito today to cheer me up) and (2) the midnight meetups with my girlfriend and having a cold drink after work. They really keep me going, even 95% of my anxious mind is telling me otherwise.

3. Do you have an LSS this week?

Yes. It’s “Witch Image” from Ghost’s new album Prequelle. I’m going to write a review about that album, by the way!

4. Have you learned something new this week?

Yes. And what I learned is this: what is the point of earning a lot of overtime pay if you get more anxious and tired in the process? What’s the fucking point? 

5. Are you looking forward to this week?

This week? No, I am not looking forward to the upcoming stress. But yes, I am looking forward to getting those tasks done and simply survive.

And that’s about it. Another Sunday Night Questions over and done. Yey.

I pray to God and Dave Grohl I survive this hell week, part whatever.

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