2017: The Year…

4. The Year I Gained New Friends


As we get older, the chances of meeting new friends are declining somehow. That could be true for some… but not for me!

This year, I gained a junior designer to check up on to. That person, whom I will call ML, happened to be this quirky, bubbly person who have a lot of stories to tell—in short, very talkative. But then again, I’m talkative myself, so we clicked!

As for a rundown on my friends, here you go: Javi, Hannah, Kristine, Bless, Aica, Camila, Tim, Kat, Rheu, and Karlo. Seriously, they are all wonderful people, and I look forward to knowing them more in 2018.

And I almost forgot. Have I mentioned that I… I mean, my proxy got to meet a very good online friend and lifestyle/travel blogger Camie Juan? How awesome was that!

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