2017: The Year…

6. The Year I Was Diagnosed of Steinermania


And I quote the in-zane-ly entertaining YouTuber and wrestling manager Brian Zane (terrible pun, I know), “Scott Steiner is why the Web was invented.” And you know what? With all the unintentionally funny promos from “The Man with the Largest Arms in the World”, I am really glad the Internet came into our lives.

I have seen the botched promos years ago, but it is only this year I was infected with Steinermania, and I cannot get enough of it. Watching Scott Steiner vs The English Language have even become a morning ritual of mine.

And you may have asked, “Really? Every damned morning?” Yes. Seriously. Even if my taste in pro wrestling have become more focused on athleticism and simple storytelling in the ring, I can’t say no to funny clips of “Big Bad Booty Daddy” going berserk on the mic. The video above is a great distraction.

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