2017: The Year…


7. The Year of “Indy Wrestling” and “Too Sweet”

Kazuchika Okada vs Kenny Omega at Wrestle Kingdom 11. Photo credit: NJPW/TV Asahi.

Another thing that my therapist said to me is that I need to keep on finding distractions so my depression and anxiety will not eat me up. And thanks to professional wrestling going on a new quality streak, not only have I gotten a distraction, my passion for rasslin’ was reignited.

And January 4, 2017 was a memorable day for pro wrestling fans and critics as New Japan Pro Wrestling made waves with their WrestleKingdom 11 main event, the IWGP Heavyweight Championship battle between Kazuchika Okada and the challenger and current Bullet Club leader Kenny Omega. I did not get to watch it live; I only got to watch it a few days later, but being a pure WWE fan, the whole fight’s amazing pace and intensity was, simply put, fucking insane. The first of three Okada/Omega bouts have made me realize that there are so many better wrestling promotions out there other than WWE.

And speaking of Kenny Omega, I’m already familiar with the Bullet Club faction since Prince Devitt was the leader (this was before he signed with WWE and became Finn Balor), but because of Omega’s consistent stellar performances in the ring, I just have to pledge allegiance to the infamous faction with this “too sweet” shirt.

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