2017: The Year…

9. The Year Bennington, Berry, Cornell, and Petty Died

From left to right: Chester Bennington, Chuck Berry, Chris Cornell, Tom Petty.

In 2016, Death knocked on the doors of David Bowie and Prince. This year, it followed the 90s grunge icon Chris Cornell (Soundgarden/Audioslave), a voice of the working-class American Tom Petty, and then rock innovator Chuck Berry. Them leaving God’s green earth left millions’ hearts broken, including mine.

But that heart of mine shattered when I found out that Chester Bennington, the singer of my first favorite rock band Linkin Park, took his own life. Of all the celebrity casualties this year, Mr. Bennington’s death really hit me hard. Linkin Park’s songs, no matter what your opinion on their post-Hybrid-Theory-and-Meteora albums, are meant to soothe the emotional and mental pain of people who are going through tough times, and to think that Chester is going through the same thing is really depressing.

Nonetheless, these remarkable musical heroes have left a legacy that we can cherish through their records we can reach offline and online. They will always be remembered through their music and the positivity that comes along with.

And speaking of depression…

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