My Christmas Wishlist (2017)

Dark or Navy Blue Suit (Jacket or Pants or Both)

Orton Navy Wool Twill 2-Button Regular Fit Suit by TM Lewin. £104—SHIT.

The last time I wore a suit was on a relative’s 18th birthday last year. The suit I wore was not even mine; I borrowed it from Younger Brother. And my old black suit does not fit me anymore. I might have it altered, but I don’t think I can wear that on my office’s upcoming Christmas party. The party’s theme? Prom night. God damn.

A good fix would be a suit jacket or a full suit? Probably from TM Lewin or H&M? We’ll see if I can have one or both soon. But even if I can’t buy it before the party, investing on a quality suit will be good for me career-wise and, quite honestly, look-wise. I always want to look good, and when I look good, I feel good and my anxiety levels go lower.

And I quote Ne-Yo, “I’m too fly to be depressed.”

And that’s it! Those are the things I want to buy this holiday season. Now that I’m finishing this article, I think I may only buy one of the items listed. But if anyone can sponsor me or something, hit me up on my Twitter DM (handle is @DerangedWriter). LOL. That’s probably not going to happen though.

Happy Holidays, everyone!

(And wow. I never thought I would use a Ne-Yo song on any of my material. Mind. Blown.)

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