My Christmas Wishlist (2017)

Mastaplasta Leather Repair Kit

This is something I can really slap my leather on. Wink wink.

Of all the clothing I have bought since I got my first and current job, the Bershka leather jacket with detachable sleeves is my favorite of all time. That is why the wear and tear around its neck area makes me really sad that I have to store it in my closet with ventilation for 3 months and counting.

I have been looking for a hassle-free way to fix my poor old buddy, and of all the siffing through Google and all those paint-mixing tools and shit, I have found the perfect solution: the Mastaplasta leather repair. (Preferably the letter size one.) All I can do with it is cut a long piece of it, stick it and viola! I will be able to wear my favorite leather jacket even if it’s 32-goddamn-degrees outside. I’m stupid, I know.

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