XII: On Waking Up Early I

In my workplace, operating hours start at 9am and ends at 6pm. We have a grace period up to 10am so we will not be marked as late. Unfortunately I have made a reputation to be really tardy—a reputation I am totally not proud of, and I have been working for 3 years already. It went to the point that my workmates just got used to that, and I

Yes, there are a few contributing factors that I cannot control like (1) living in a place with terrible daily road traffic and (2) unfortunate accidents that make traffic worse for a few hours. But in the end, I totally blame myself for not fixing my sleeping habits and not having a good morning routine. In short, I’m a big failure.

But enough moping and more direct action: I kept looking on YouTube videos, adjusting my sleeping pattern and trying other new ways to be punctual. And after a few years of adjusting and trials-and-errors, I made an simple yet significant achievement last week: I was at work early from Monday to Thursday; 4 out of my 5 work days, I was not late. Hot damn. And not only am I happy about that, my office mates’ reactions vary from “Congratulations!” and “Traffic was not bad, huh?” to “Holy shit!” and “What happened to our friend? Did you kill him?!” (Perhaps the last one counts as a positive reply?)

But anyway, how did I do it? Well, here are my first three tips on how to be at work on time. They may not work for you, but they definitely work for me.

1. Sleep Early

Credit: Getty Images

Well, who the fuck knew? Of course. Duh. But seriously, this should be a no-brainer. Because I’m getting older, I cannot stay awake as often as I want to and I end up sleeping early as 11pm and then wake up as early as 7am.

But sometimes, things are not that simple. My mind can be really stubborn on sleeping early, which brings me to…

2. Exercise During Ungodly Hours

Credit: Getty Images

The days of scrolling infinitely on my Tumblr and Twitter dashboard while listening to Dimmu Borgir and Scissor Sisters are far behind me—that should be my mindset now that I work at a 9-6 day job. But no, at 10pm my brain has this tendency to whisper “you might not be able to watch that Rick and Morty episode tomorrow, so why not do it right now?”, and then I will follow its desires and then wake up late again.

So, instead of giving in to just watching a Rick and Morty episode on my phone, I would bring out a yoga mat, a few weights and then do a full-body workout or a simple core workout between 10-30 minutes while listening to Rick and Morty or my Spotify. I try to make the workout as intense as possible but not the point of fatigue.

After working out, I would feel refreshed and sleepy enough for bed time. And also up-to-date with the latest music or Rick and Morty. (Notice that I kept saying the show? I love that show. Seriously. Morty.)

3. Two Alarm Clocks With Bad Music

Erik Santos
Credit: Philippine News

Ever since I got my first smartphone, my first choice for an alarm is an instrumental version of “The Pretender” by my favorite band Foo Fighters. But no matter how much I love the song, there are 80% chances of me not waking up to it on time. So, instead of my favorite song, why not use a really bad song that would made me tap the shit out of the alarm button? Why not use the music of a singing voice I loathe? Why not use Erik Santos’ voice?

No, wait. Wait. Erik addicts, put your pitchforks down. Let me explain.

I don’t know Mr. Santos personally, and I would always give almost anyone a benefit of the doubt that he or she is a nice person. I think he is nice. But man, unless it’s for waking me up, get that fucking thing away from my ears. I just don’t like the way he sings. Seriously.

And since I sleepy heavily, one alarm just doesn’t cut for me. I need two alarm clocks. So, imagine: two alarm clocks blaring two of, in my opinion, the worst sounding music in the world. Wouldn’t that make me get up right away from my slumber?

Wait for Part II, which will be up very soon.




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