Sunday Night Questions IV

Before I go on with my Sunday Night Questions segment (where I answer a set of 5 “Yes or No” questions every Sunday night), I just want to say how ashamed I am of myself for not updating The Dispatch as often as I want to. I am so ashamed on how many times I have neglected a personal project. (I already failed on my Inktober endeavor for the second year in a row, for crying out loud).

“Good grief, Deewee. Get it together, will you?”

No, I am not making any excuses; even if I have anxiety issues and a lot of work tasks, I am still at fault here. I invested a few bucks on a domain name and hosting, and I should make use of that. I should get back up and keep on writing.

With that, I might have to bring up some unpolished posts and just publish on their actual dates, even if they are all nonsense. I might as well show how much of a work-in-progress this blog is, right?

Anyway, let’s get down with the fourth Sunday Night Questions! 

1. November 5 is today. Have you watched “V for Vendetta”?

Yes! This morning. And with how things are going on in the world today, the movie is scarier than it usual is.

2. Was WWE’s programming good this week?

Yes, perhaps. I mean there’s the Finn Balor/Cesaro match on Raw… oh, wait. Kane did a Tombstone Piledriver to Balor. Goddamn. I like Kane, but man, why are they doing this to Balor? WHY?

3. Were you late for work again this week?

No. In fact, I never got late this week. Oh my God. I love it. I hope I can keep this up!

4. Do you have at least one LSS this week?

Yes. I always have a new LSS, and this week is no different. I just rediscovered the best theme song in professional wrestling history. Have a listen, will you?

5. Are you looking forward to next week?

Yes, and I have to reasons: (1) pay day on Friday, and (2) my Roddy Piper and Bullet Club shirts are coming to my humble home this Sunday!

And that ends another Sunday Night Questions! Will I be back for another month or three again? I hope the fuck not. Fucking fuck. (kicks can) 


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