Sunday Night Questions III

Hello, dear Dispatch. After another month of inactivity here, I am back and here’s another set of Sunday Night Questions! If you are new to my home on the web, this is where I answer at least 5 questions about anything in my life and under the sun as long as it can be answered by a “Yes” or a “No”. Explaining the answer is optional.

Are you ready? I am. Let’s go!

1. Was your work week less stressful?

No. It was MORE stressful. Good grief.

2. Will you ever go back to reviewing WWE shows?

Yes. At least I want to try. But delivering right after every programming would be tricky.

3. Was your weekend eventful?

Yes! Notably Saturday. I felt really anxious on that night, but I distracted myself by going to a friend’s photo exhibit. (Hello and congratulations to my very talented friend Aia Solis!) Also, I went to a nice indie-filled concert with an good ol’ friend in Ms. Sully and her best friend! It was a really nice Saturday indeed.

4. Is there something new in your room?

No. But there is someone new in the house! I have a new dog named Cacai, a Golden Retriever/Labrador mix. She’s very playful, but I might need to teach her where to shit properly. Bad puppy. But she can be trained, for sure.

5. Have you exercised at least thrice?

No. I exercised ZERO times this week. I feel ashamed.

Well, damn. Looking back at a few of my answers (especially on the last one), I need to rethink and change my habits. But that concludes the third Sunday Night Questions! Here is to another week full of fake news but better stories.

I really need to improve on my closing statements.

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