Sunday Night Questions I

Have you listened to the greatest prank call in all of mankind? If you haven’t, please do yourself a favor, click the play button on the video above and listen to the glorious audio clip. Please do it now. I will wait. I’m not kidding. I. Will. Wait.

Done? It’s so funny, right? And what really cracked me up is when he prankster asked “is champ there?”, the woman asked back “who is champ?” and a loud “that question will be answered this Sunday night!” was heard complete with John Cena’s theme song.

Weirdly enough, that is the inspiration for my new segment on The Dispatch, Sunday Night Questions! This is where I answer at least 5 questions about what happened during my week, discoveries and reviews on selective media, and anything in between, as long as it can be answered by a “Yes” or a “No”. I can elaborate on my answer, but it’s not really necessary.

Anyway, are you ready? No, I should be the one answering that.

Yes, I am ready. Let’s go!

1. Did you learn something new about work this week?

Yes. Last Friday, I learned that a fellow co-worker (let’s call him Mr. Bennington) was leaving. Just when I was getting to know more about my new “brother”… wow. Just wow.

Sorry. I’m still shocked. I will miss him. I really will. And at least there’s still Messenger.

2. Have you been waking up early even if you are not in Hong Kong anymore?[1]

Yes. I still went to work late last Wednesday and Thursday though. Thanks, EDSA traffic!

3. Were you eating well the whole week?

Yes. If “well” means being full enough, not balanced-diet well. God damn it, and God damn you.

4. Was it still hot in Manila?

No. Nope. Not. It is 35°, and it is not. Hot. At all. Good God.

5. Was everyone replying to your messages?


So, um, that ends my first Sunday Night Questions! Here’s to another wonderful, optimism-filled week, even there is a 98% chance of it being fucked up. But we should still be hopeful, right?

[1] I was in Hong Kong last May 1 to 6 with my officemates. It was not a bad tour! I do not know if I can make a post about it though, but I can only say that I really enjoyed the trip. Maybe it’s because I have some bad memories attached to that, so I didn’t expect that much, and therefore enjoying the trip more? Pretty much.

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