IV: Day 5 to #27


I’ve been trying to get out of this writing funk I got stuck in post-birthday (no thanks to my anxiety). But now I’m out of it, thanks to this this lovely coffee place/vinyl shop called Satchmi. No, this is not a paid advertisement. And aside from the dinner treat last Monday (which I’m going to talk about in a bit), writing here this Saturday night is the best idea I’ve had all week.

If I were to have my own place, this place is one of my design pegs-brown and peach brick wall, natural wood, lots of records and lots of coffee. (Perhaps I would want my own cafe, too?) All the vinyl music bouncing through the warm, natural interior while sipping their coffee get me in the zone to write. And with that, I thank Satchmi for getting me out of the funk.

And funk you, writer’s block.


Last Monday, I turned 26. Fuck. I’m old.

When I was younger though, I always expect myself to treat everyone that I know and love to a big birthday bash filled with wickedly groovy rock music, world-class dishes and world-altering shots of whiskey. But I never got to do that, not especially with the current pay that I get from working as an interactive designer by day. (Yes, even if I got my 13th month pay last week.)

What I did last Monday night though was way better than having this lavish rock-themed party that I always dream of: I get to treat my family to a nice, fancy Italian dinner with me and Ms. Tea. I ordered a lot of food. And I mean, a lot-fresh pizza, meaty ribs and creamy pasta, among the many. Everyone had a good time munching and laughing, and I’m so glad and proud of myself for being able to pay the dinner treat by myself.

And I would also like to thank Ms. Tea for being with me and my family on my birthday. I would be more of a anxious spazz if she wasn’t there. I’m also thankful for her gifts she has given, and I wasn’t expecting any! (She gave four gifts. Four. Beat that.)

I repeat: last Monday, I turned 26. Fuck. I’m old. But on that very night, I feel the love and that’s not bad at all.


Now back to tonight, day of what I would like to call “The Road to #27”. (The number sign, not hashtag.)

The Younger Brothers are here, playing cards at the cafe while I’m still typing this piece. Mother just bought some ingredients for the crepe is going to prepare probably this coming week. I’m really looking forward to what my mom will be cooking. (She’s a good cook already, but quite honestly her baking is getting better!)

As for me, I just crossed off some items off my gifts list. I don’t want to give perishable goods this time; I just bought some little tokens of appreciation for the people who have helped me get through this 95% rough year and to the people I really care about. They deserve getting some gifts, and I just hope they would like them.

If I’m billionaire though, I’m going to give more. Baby steps, baby steps.

Now going to work on the header image, and I’m going offline.

DW, over and out. (Is that a good sign-off? I’ll work on that.)

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